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Eminem's Mom Raps, WTF?!?

A Story by

The Goc

Yeah its true folks, as many of you may have already heard, Eminem's mother has retaliated against her son in rapping fashion. This is no joke, but we can all wish it was. A recently released track by the group ID-X entitled "Set the Record Straight" features none other than the birth mother of Slim Shady, Bonnie Mathers. Some lyrics off the track by ID-X include:

"Wanta see me feast on an eminem as I break his mother's silence."

"All your problems are self-inflicted."

"You sell your soul to keep your wallet keep growing"

"I'll force you to retire."

"You're disrespectful telling lies, when you know you're wrong."


And then Mommy Dearest gets involved:

"Marshall, how about taking some responsibilty for your life."

"You're still my son, I'm still your mom. It's not too late Marshall."


For those of you that haven't heard the track yet, expect some Bone Thugs and Harmony style "wake up, wake up" chants and further unoriginality from ID-X. For some reason Bonnie Mathers has choosen ID-X as close and personal enough to her to express her thoughts towards her son over their track. She even has the gall to call for forgiveness from Marshall, while just seconds before ID-X verbally assualted Eminem. It makes about as much sense as an apology letter with a letter bomb attached.

ID-X will do anything in an attempt to succeed, including featuring popular artist's mothers...now tell me who's selling out? And the real question is, if Eminem's mother can sue him for rapping about her, why does she feel she can do the same without consequences?

IN closing, just when we think Eminem may run out of things to talk about, something else completely ludicrous happens in his life. Can any of you really imagine your mother on a rap track with two other idiots verbally assaulting you.

Note: To get some good laughs about this story, check out the websites slanging this compact disc of garbage:



-The URLs alone make it painfully obvious that ID-X are not about their skills but just trying to get their name out their with someone else's mother. Sad, isn't it?

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